Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 1

Right now, im doing some experiment, with cpmbux and lookcpm using jingling and hitleap, i think this would be the starting point of my journey, and i borrow the vps of my friend which i dont have a budget right now to buy a new one so i thank him for this free vps with a good condition and specs.

i setup a new blog for the lookcpm and i configured and setup also the cpmbux with jingling and hitleap, and i hope this will work as i planned because if this will work, i will invest my earnings and saving to buy some vps.

i have some saving in my paypal account right now, and i will use those savings after this vps expired to minimize the cost.


Journey IM

In this blog, this serves as my online diary/journal in my online world were I make money online which is my hobby since i was in high school and right now i still doing this to make some penny online, its not quite big money but at least i earn some and thou i'm still learning, i meet some new friends online and they help me build my name online, so if your willing to listen and care to be in my journey so visit daily also don't miss my secrets and tips here at my blog.



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